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mitting of diagnosis in which the cardiovascular changes are not more or

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The secniid and third \arieties nf edema nia\ nf enurse lie mure ■>

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gration and destruction of the joints. No matter how slight the early changes

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Obliteratiye ArteritiB. — ^The local gangrene of this condition has many

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Nervous Control.— Control tlin>u<jh the ner\oiis system is most marl<e<l

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course, even until the kidney is completely destroyed, while the length

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marrow is gelatinous or even watery. The softening, and especially the

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joints of the hands and feet. The hips usually escape. The temporo-

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by the presence of lymphoid collections (lymphorrnages) in the heart, liver,

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periodic functional activities. The regional control of flie circulation is

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.•.illcl liijtiiil... TM> liliMlM,' nrs I.. tvM-,ii lli,. ;i|ilil:n -icili) ,,(■ OIK'

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lin?i dniinjjr recent years. The disturbances iiroduced by the I'aretied

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salt, which may he res|»oiisilile i'nr the osmosis. II lias indeed lieeii

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•li-i.. en.l. ther..|or,., aet soon,.st on the first swall..w...l porthu, ..f .

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Pasture, formerly alluded to, is almost exclusively

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but we discover no proof of organic change anywhere; no enlargement of

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fi. .1 (]i I'll i< iini iif call iiiiii itiiis. Altlioiitrh at one time it was siiiiposcil

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these cases (four in number) it operated briskly on

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oxalic acid is a cause of oxalate calculi, yet Chabri6 lived on food nch in

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animals (cattle, sheep). Multipara and especially those with rapidly

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Addison s disease. They may be atrophied from the pressure of tumors,

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ilii' intestine. It uoes lui, for exampli-. diiriii!.' staivatioii; indeed, in

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1^;. I'iuv.'s of oroi'lli of rut.- on l.iiMil r:iti..ns |.|ii, thi' \:irioii> |,r..t.'iiis'.l -.7.;

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company the blood vessels and end partly on the latter, partly on or between

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Till-: .MiiciiAMcs <ti' i{i:siMi{.\Ti(t\ ^(^.lltM)

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fadrcl (itV into ihe tissue r.paces. These, how cx cr, hear mi closer I'clatioh

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111' till- llliiihl, r;*; K|'liii'|<liriiii' rmiti'iit ..I' Ihr III I. 7;'.!t ; Aiil"iii j.'ctioii

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tissues frequently show involvement, often associated with increased pain,

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In the first, the initial gastro-mtestinal disturbances and the discovery of

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llictizcil inlii 1)1(111(1 ))r(itciii« al'tci' their alisorptioii fidiii the div'cstivc

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observed cases many other achondroplasia patients have claimed that there

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forms of renal infection. Sometimes the patients are much benefited by

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particular detail of the remedies prescribed, which


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