particular cardiac disorder that may be in question. In the majority
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mode of living. These factors lead to an overloading of tlie body
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Immerraann, H. : Article on Corpulence in Ziemssen's Cyclopedia of the Practice
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spite the existing absolute hypalbuminosis, the volume of the blood
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cially among females and neurotic i)atients. It often appears about
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such as sugar, peptone, egg albumen, and hsemoglobin (Adams Bridges,
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rather to provide those who enter it with the best op-
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telligent exercise of all the organs of the body. Examples of these
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ing on movement are readily detected. In the cases which I have
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in the groins and any acute glandular enlargements. It penetrates
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replaced by rosettes of prisms which grow under the eye. These consist
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less to draw an altogether satisfactory picture of the disease. Still
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bonic acid, and urea, as the only terminal products, there is an ex-
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press the end of the toe inward, leaving the joint so prominent as to
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to some febrile condition, as scarlet fever, or more frequently rheu-
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Fresh meats are preferable to those which have been salted or
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of its occurrence, although the highest figure is not reached until the
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the first stage of labor, as sitting up or walking about, favors the
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of fat into the blood, as is witnessed by the phenomenon of fat embolism,
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is handed down in rheumatism we know. That this condition declares
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by one agent, and others by another. In general, the sick should
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be too long continued. Bicycle riding is an ideal exercise in which
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upon the decomposition of albumin. For this reason a diet suitable
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caused by over-action of the heart especially in valvular disease. It
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disease, for in former times nearly every case proved fatal. It was
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the threads and conceal the uric acid crystals. The earthy precipi-
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path runs parallel to, but distinct from, that by which the ordinary amino-
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even under the most favorable conditions for fat formation, no ap-
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tition. All who possessed a fair share of capacity,
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Mix. Dose one teaspoonful every two hours for a child three
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tation is continued produces diseases peculiar to that organ. Such
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The patient makes a more satisfactory recovery if confined to the
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The following cases illustrate this form of rheumatism.
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derangement, which will be more fully noticed in the following
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is it necessary. There are special works on climatology which <_i'o
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may all be such as are met with daily in ordinary rheumatic attacks ;
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In some instances, especially of acute infections, the striking or even the
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pertrophy the heart exhibits dilatation of its cavities, with flaccid walls,


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