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nroblems. I wish here to refer briefly to but one inter-
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bill provides that neither hypnotism nor mesmerism shall be
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the inevitable consequences of organizing and equipping, on
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frequently multiple and always non-symmetrical in size.
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were also present. After various efforts to recover,
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veins. We have now, however, to notice a complete refutation of the
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" By the employment of such an agency the way will be paved to a higher
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, Health Commissioner Menefee claims that Portland is
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evidence of labor, I directed an active purge and large
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were subsequently published by Valentine,^ Shurig,"* Ohme,^ Zierhold,^
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genius that might otherwise have slumbered; to no fosterincr patronao-e
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A total of 661 deaths from all causes was recorded last week,
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Polyuria is generally noticed, as much as two liters being se-
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of her head against one of its posts, about two weeks before her labour.
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during which time be estimated the siigar excretion, with re-
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even though it should prove not to be of hysterical
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Medical Service Iiegislations. — There is a bill now before
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jurisdiction of the health officers; indeed, the wonder
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ries have been called "wind-contusions." Mr. S. Cooper, in his -'First
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and excoriated, and the parts adjacent to the ear were red and tumefied.
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animals treated with nephritic urine instead of blood, produced
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fere with the immimity. 7. Immunity is acquired by the time
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lively than at entrance; strength increased; feels better; sleeps well; no
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examination under the anesthetic showed a perfectly smooth
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vantage over trachelorrhaphy, especially where the entire
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within a certain period syphilis ceases to be contagious
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mucous membrane of the small and large intestines is of a somewhat lighter
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the Extremities Reported by Edwin A. Anderson, M. D., of Wilming-
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The consequence of this high testimonial has been the establishment of
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pealed at once on writ of error to the supreme court.
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a spray three or four times daily. As the result, she
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independent manner, and no one has escaped, or, apparently, wished to leave
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the length of the title, and one that would l>e perpetual. Neither
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since a seton was put in the back of the neck, which has afforded some
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