ever, observe that he does not enter at all on the physiology of

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lated by the toxin. Acceleration of the pulse-rate is a char-

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not avail himself of the discoveries of science, in such a case, is not deserving the

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material influence upon the condition of every part of the body. If the quantity

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arrived in the place P — or among residents who had not been recently

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the medical profession, thai they do not instruct the people of the evils of

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requested to see a case of hydrocephalus. The child, by

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Aneurism^ with Clinical Remarks, By John Adai^s. — ^The

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might enjoy life, drink the sweet waters of love, and propagate his species. And

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La Fievre Jaune h laHavane, sa Nature et son Traitement. Par

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for he shall save his people from Eheir sins." — Matt. i. 20, 21. Again, "Then said

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The coughing sign of Huntington is present on the right, not

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of defects which constitute cretinism. The most important of

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the pain was not relieved by morphin. Ten hours later the

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and is called a serous membrane, in distinction from those which line the mouth,

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fluid, by means of the nerves. "When the wants of tho various members are made

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much in favour of the climate of Scarborough, the chief exceU

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slight attacks of diarrhea. Her blood-picture has remained

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her compensation? Is her cardiac reserve considerable or

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svacuations, intense mental application immediately after eating, excessive venery,

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Xe with M. Demarquay that so obvious a lesion could h^e been


modify the form and appearance of the sublimate, and which even

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^venirieular cpemng woe fringed with a row ofbeade of firmfibrine.

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catch up with the blood-destroying process which was going

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occupied by striated matter. A membrane may still be traced

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hwUy be consistent with the changing and transitory character,

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derstand the signs of an abortion of the fruit of the womb, they may be induced to

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pends either upon its profundity or upon its repetition. A

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and vigor which it would never attain to were exercise disregarded. For true and

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begun on May 2d, when the baby was three weeks old, and con-

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rounding lung-tissue and pleuritic adhesions, sometimes also to


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