that the standard grain, the present unit, should be the unit
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We must, in considering this, disconnect our minds from European habits of
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notice of the Independent and the late changes in its editorial corps.
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there are but few who now dare to take open ground against the necessity
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sacrum. The proximal end of the bowel was brought out and
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course of a severe illness, and generally but not always shortly
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men, so to speak, lose their function for a time, and the respiration
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be fairly and legitimately deduced. These conclusions may be arranged
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of deaths in different localities, have been demonstrsted by the experience of
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ment, however, neither the profession nor science has suffered loss by
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In ihe'Vei^atrum Viride we have an excellent sedative to the
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to pursue his course of debauchery, which shuns the light of
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We regard, therefore, every intelligible effort to enlarge the sphere
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a post-mortem examination revealed likewise a complete unfolding of the
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The clue to a discovery of this kind was first given by the ob-
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has been divided, a speculum is introduced into the rectum.
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seventy-one days ; but the cases in which it was necessary to con-
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is also movement of the belly;" in other words, there was a mani-
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cation of chloroform vapour in tetanus. A case under the care of
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disease, or the diseases of some organs, or class of organs. Obstetrics
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should exist but a limited time. The changes," he continues,
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really, for nights successively, scarcely at all. The tumor feels in size
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heart, without the possibility of the twin fetus having had
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ciate the scope and meaning of the first of these postulates. By the
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suffered very severely from this disease after his return from the first Arc-
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and the arguments therein advanced, cannot but commend themselves
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haustion of the system, and are not equal to grapple with a
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posits. There is not a particle of nutrition in all that has ever
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received our pledge to publish his version of the conversation, that he
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more active muscular exertion. Again, in the first experiment he
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shown by Fabre and Sarlandiere's experiments. All such
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author of the •' Appendix." But. in our view, the case was
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Secretary; Jos. M. Mathews, Wm. Cheatham, A. M. Cartledge, W. 0. Kob-
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A Case of Hydrocephalus — Spontaneous Tapping — Death. By Geo.
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would cause tympanitis, ileus or strangulated hernia. A weakened or too
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deductions are to be weighed in the scales of impartial justice, and
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