principally noticed in connexion with the intestines, the colon being by

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the covering constantly wetted with this lotion". He says : " With no

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*Rendle, Richard, Esq., appointed Surgeon to the Royal Infirmary for Children

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not to enter as certified those deaths which are informally certified. On

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piercing the right posterior pillar of the fauces, and finally emerged be-

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[Applause.] They were not self-elected, but they were in the hands

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Islington, Dr. Donald said that the present inspector had only been in

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agreement not to practise in the town for six months. — About four years after X.

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declare here to this great Association that I do not place that unlimited

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gible. Tlie tubes of the kidney are choked by the products of acute

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vesico-vaginal fistula, a Colles's fracture, consumption, and dyspepsia ;

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sight was enough to raise me to the boiling-point. Now, I mean to go

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impracticability of continuing the partnership, and has then only one alternative ;

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session, £'i 3s. ; /', 1st session, £6 6s. ; 2nd session, £i 5s. ; e, ist

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exhibiting the signs of consolidation of lung, but without much, if any,

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tion of all kinds; and that, because they had not had time to develope,

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brought for the purpose to be disinfected free of charge. Powers are

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connection with Queen's College, was very successful, and combined a

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dent in Monmouthshire and South Wales, and desirous of giving their

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sions. The study of the orderly succession and slow growth of cells in

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St. Thomas's Hospital Reports. Vol. i. London : 1S70.

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of great value, not only as embracing a general view of the subject, but

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that the laws against these nuisances will remain dead letters so long

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students, is held by Barnard S. Proctor, Esq. ; the other portions of

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poor sick and wounded, it is earnestly to be wished that the Sedan rail-

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again, at page 867, we find that "the nerves of the liver are derived

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required to certify that the candidate's vision is sufficiently good to enable him to

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of the skull from a shell. The brain was a good deal lacerated and

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lastly, Surrey with the Wey and the Mole rivers. Thus we find this

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neiTOUs iiTitation, a term difficult to be understood.

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frontier, after having liad interviews with the Crown Princess of Prussia

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Justice General, Mr. Gordon, M.P., Sir Edward Colebroke, M.P., and

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Skae, the CuUen of psychiatric medicine, in "the all-important principle

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etc., for the Annacotty Dispensary District : 19th.

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mischief going on in the hver or ducts. The nerves become inflamed

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try, comprehending Practical Exercises in conducting the more important

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a scarlet rash. Notwithstanding this, on the following day he went in

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attacks, at varj-ing intervals of time, and passing off in the same man-

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recovery. On tlie same day, several of the ambulance staff were in

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joints for amputation of the limbs. The experience of English, American,

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merous, information was solicited from the parochial district medical


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