earthen dish, having a layer of white paper between
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carried away from the ulna. Union has occurred with a slight amount
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acid is often employed, and has the advantage of attacking only dis-
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could then be used but for the bitter taste of the yeast still perceptible in it.
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exists without any organic lesion whatever. It requires ex-
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of sanatoria for consumptives in certain villages in Germany,"' I will
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inspector when this is expressly stated as undesired in the family
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the expectoration is difficult and pr.inful, but in a few days it
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which the publishers have evinced from the very inception of the un-
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and more graceful than those arrayed in the very latest fashion,
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alition masses of softened, chees^'-degenerated tissue, and oftentimes
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possibly the best, therapy into your office fast. Finally, the
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the physician or midwife, printed directions in plain, comprehensible
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pain radiating over the left shoulder and down the left arm, showing
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that the practical tests upon human beings have been made.
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characterized that attitude, and added: “Scientists are not asked
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able additions to medical literature. The volume, as a whole, deserves
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functions of all the organs and the comi)lete disappearance of the
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Panama. He sickened with yellow fever within a fortnight of arrival
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appearance looked much like the branching of the "Nostaceen."
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nation (by auscultatory percussion) was found to occupy its usual position
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metres in thickness; it was dense and easily stripped off. The con-
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tained is an almost complete muscular relaxation, in order to econ-
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ual's personality. This fact has been confirmed by numerous observers.
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*A. Case Conferences, Second and Fourth Tuesdays, 12:30-2 p.m..
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173. Weaver : Antistreptococcic Serum in the Treatment of Consumption. Jour-
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healthy individuals at Camp Funston, Opie and his co-workers (Jour.
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curious and philosophical eye, Thales observed that amber,
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them until the jar was discharged. This showed that here
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girl contracted a lupus of the nose in consequence of frequent use of
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trying to convince him to be a ‘no code,’ but Jose wanted to live
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receive the treatment in bed, secure from any chilliness or
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one objection, that it necessitates the passage of a stomach-tube ; but this
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cient temperature, is a spot in which yellow fever will be true to itself
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well presented at the last Pan-American Congress, in the Section on
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Also apply P. P. to the tongue, N. P. over the throat, neck,
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Of course, we ask the patient if he has observed that his spu-
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Hypersensitwty reactions have been reported in about 1 5
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observers have been substantially in harmony is not to be overlooked.
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the preparatory or mitral phase of the ventricular systole in a normal heart.
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tion." '" A consumptive, if he wishes to get well, should live every
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If the cold-pack — that is, cold-water compresses — is applied, it
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