He describes his method in the Ztft. f. Faysio. Chemie, xxx,
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F. Spelman, Anaconda, corresponding secretary and historian,
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mary lesion is a degeneration of the pyramidal tract and secondary
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pleurisy are consecutive to a subphrenic abscess, and the
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tumor of the rectum which was diagnosed as ovarian cyst, the error not being
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ited to it. Very recently I found a woman in the hos-
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ness may contain small quantities of pus or serum. Until the fluid is
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sity and importance of making frequent examinations of the
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Webster, of Chicago ; W. H. Neilsen, of Milwaukee ; C. O. Stockton
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pain in the sides, except at the maximum of the attack. Forced vom-
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ering also that the cover-glass preparations, which were carefully stained
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Carcinoma," by Dr. Robert F. Weir, New York City ; "Method of
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of the wound ; should never protrude beyond them. No suture is required


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