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ent effects had disappeared. The movements of the string were

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progress of the cure was able to attend to his daily labour.

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showed verrucose endocarditis, embolism of a branch of the pulmonary

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the third or fourth week, and a suitable apparatus should be worn when

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this nature. Of these one has been recorded in this country by G. Wilkin-

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Besredka (Aim. cle I'Inst. Pasteur, 1919, 33, 557 and 882; Bull, de

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both the sacral and lumbar roots are interrupted by ganglion cells ; in the

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fifth pair of nerves, the operator was obliged to thrust a sharp

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operation, the danger increasing up to the tenth day and then receding.

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ability of the liver to function properly, especially as regards its

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carcinoma of the thyroid. All other tumours associated with symptoms

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accidentally suspended, than to allow the new state of things

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When a definite quantity of albumin was added to a given

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the clinical stage of the disease with about 80 per cent, of accuracy,

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or more. The persistence of the carrier state depends on the degree of

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bands seem to live and continue to constrict the artery, but in six

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not always conclusive ; finally, athero-sclerosis may be superimposed on

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Date. Wassermann Cells Noguq^i Liver Cholestcrin- Intraspinous

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the spectroscope close to the source of light. In highly colored

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First week, 33; second week, 7; third week, IS; fourth week, 7;

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The reduced suspension stability of the blood, i.e. the increased

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investigation of the acute lesions produced by gunshot wound. Holmes

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or whether caustic rays should also be added. In the former case the

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marked clubbing of the finger and toe tips with considerable cyanosis,

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Chemistry and Materia Medica, by Parker Cleaveland, M.D.

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of a splenic tumour is not sufficient to exclude that disease.

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chiefly due to changes in the soft tissues, perhaps mostly in the

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body. Obesity due to tumour-like changes of this gland. J Beitr. z. path.

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When a sclerotic nephritis is superadded upon arteriosclerosis the pres-

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and later 100° (except for rises due to an infection of the maxillarj'^ antrum

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administered capsicum and other powerful stimulants. At the

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cirrhosis is not uncommon, but Saltykow' states that except for

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was commenced by an injection of neosalvarsan 35 days after infection,

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the action of certain physical or chemical agents or of certain organic

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body. This would lead under some circumstances to the presence of more

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transmitted to the thinnest part, that is, the posterior inferior part, of the

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and processes of evaporation, with or without heat, all led to a

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Kahn, P., Barbier, et Bertrand. Sur un cas de hoquet epidemique avec

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