Esq. — By stricture of the urethra is meant a contraction in the calibre of that

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fact is, that any cause which produces a partial determination of blood to the

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N. , aged 39, married six years, and having two children, the last being

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liquid replaced the first discharge, and this latter was not offensive.

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a cul de sac some way down the neck, without having any connection

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lar form of fever. Should the same vessels, however, enter a perfectly healthy


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regular pulse, and with merely a slight aching of the knee. No unfavourable

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tively lower poor-relief expenditure. A\'hether such be the case or not,

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asserted that they imply the unfitness and incompetence of the present

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such questions. But, as might be expected in a so well studied disease

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tion whether the operation might not be performed simply to give tem-

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" Six of those remaining in the house, restored, are waiting until sufficient

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no treatment was adopted to improve it. In another case, reported by the au-

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the same manner as in the cases detailed above, merely omitting t^^^vPI \'i.\

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It is difficult to estimate the refreshingand reftoingin-

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patient had been attended by his late assistant, Doctor Thwaites, and jiupils

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called his supporters an impulsive majority? would he have permitted

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the treatment of the case by the advice and assistance of my friends l)rs. Breen,

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In the treatment of this disease, it is the first duty to ascertain whether the

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Much depends upon the form of the statistical tables, which have

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the benefits they had received and abundant gratitude

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menced. The fluid was mucous, holding a few salts in solution, and con-

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was very large, three inches long and one and a half broad. The bladder

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respiratory process under such circumstances becoming uniformly less

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to restore under more suitable regulation. On his being suddenly attacked

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in conjunction with disease of the pancreas and lungs, oblong, whitish,

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biceps remained in the biciptical groove; and the tubercles were connected

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hung themselves. She was prone to commit suicide and after having

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and it invariably taken at the back gate of the house by one or

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if the pins properly compress the opposite sides of a vein, the undulation of

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Thus, when we endeavour to contract one set of muscles, we induce motion

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common. The existence of congenital cataract and amaurosis is per-

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Cassidy and Ely Parry having the two poles of the battery applied, 'the

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into two branches for the two optic nerves, so that the ideniical fibres of

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vide, like insanity, come alike to rich and poor, yet all those

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the substance of the brain was soft; in one it was flaccid, shrunk and ex-

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of incipient insanity, are the proper means of medication, all, however, to


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