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this exemption there are several points to be considered which

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have been missed except for the routine vaginal smear.

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the muscles of the body are pale the cadaver is greatly emaciated

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greatly diluted on the other hand even per cent of brandy is sufficient

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our hope that the various county societies will loan this

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in which it should be effected. Both chapters exhibit the usual character

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going on within the intestine and gradually the morbid product or growth

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in general they have more than a private physician s

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drainage kept up until the suppuration subsides when the fistula is

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systems cannot be recommended for adoption still will almost every treatise be

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ates followed by responses from the faculty and the

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scapular segment of the shoulder girdle lessens greatly the effect

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consultants. The next consideration is a future build

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This is how it was last night. Five examining rooms

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any internal part. It is more commonly employed in the

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strated and the infection results in an immediate localization in one organ.

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of all cases occurred at an age which is generally considered immune

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ample evidence of the number of innocent victims of the disease.

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considered the duties of each category its size in view of the

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introduced into the stomach from without in the shape of

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wells by cesspools then the whole hill was saturated for there

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rational and collected and thought she could sleep if the house was

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the most critical analysis of the cases which I have

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perature of F. Mr. McDonagh objects and says the higher the

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tectable in the atmosphere. On the Hth when there was total defi

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Eanke Johannes. Tetanus eine physiologische Studie.

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of the disease may be positively ascertained before the trichinae migrate

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Bureau of Animal Industry in insisting upon the existence of two

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about on each side of the midrib to or cm. apart the reticulations

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