tent," and that "if gonorrhoea remains uncured after
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meat and fruit. No acute gastrointestinal symptoms re-
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and the separate nerves offer greater resistance to
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The trustees of the university expressed themselves as
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rectum in the form of normal saline enemata, 2 to 3
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one of so low intensity as to escape specific recog-
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by age divisions — are much sought for at present,
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all causes numbered 1,291, corresponding to an annual death
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She would sit down for hours at a time, slept well at night
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Academy of Medicine, and members who desire to pre-
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infected, only an extensive dissection will give the
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yellow fever. The changed situation in Cuba with respect
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to proceed to Buffalo. N. Y.. via Albany, N. Y.. on spe-
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of occurrence, its resistance, and the ease and cer-
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It is attached to the water faucet and automatically
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taken by them have been thorough and seem to have had
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tients' floor, and on that devoted to the nurses is a
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relative to detail to represent service at the annual
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extraction, pulverization, pulpation, infusion, and
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says Rimbaud,^ "is of favorable augury, representing
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fruitful study as evidence to the depth of the minds
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one ninth of the length between the arms. In 1902, when
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pressure and stasis together with the failure to defi-
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a while. If. however, we do not continue our trials
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lon, and they were mischievous in proportion as one
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Page Half Tone Plates (With Nearly One Hundred Fig-
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Price, George M., and Pcdersen, Victor Co.v. — Hygiene
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Gatchell. — In Washington, D. C, on Wednesday, No-
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tinal glands. Spleen about two fingers' breadth below the
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France — owing to the great authority of Bouillaud.
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Serological exaniination on the day of treatment, Sep-


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