all other pains, localized or otherwise, spontaneous or feigned, for

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brings me up to the point at which I saw her after her confine-

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several bilious attacks, as he calls them, accompanied by pain in

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Medication. — As the essential nature of osteomalacia is very like

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to be sure that it has remained alkaline. The initial dose is generally

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of the blood, and in the liver the portal circulation for the secretion

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in some cases entirely prevented by withdrawing the tip very

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Bad Hall, in Upper Austria. (For a list, see p. 172.) These are not,

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(NH4)2S04 on the outcome of anaphylaxis experiments.

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absence of any shifting from joint to joint, considerable swelling of

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pulmonary artery primarily engaged in pneumonia? If inflamma-

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of cellulose, when present, furnishes. When this means of decid-

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his tolerance for carbohydrates. If this diet causes the sugar to dis-

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once just before going to bed. It may be varied by koumyss or kefir (a

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with a staggering gait, has difficulty in turning round, and if

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diseases of the digestive tract, the circulatory system, or the kidneys.

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and the treatment is kept up for several weeks. [Authorities differ as

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ascertain the circumstances conducive to the development of the one

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lecker, British Commission, Th. Smith and Brown, C. W. Duval,

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however, no fewer than 35 (of a total of 91 from fevers) are re-

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whole year there, if desired, qr simply the winter, coming lower down

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and Streptococci in the Production of a High-Grade Milk," Jour. Infect. Dis.,

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instinctive faculties." As there are two orders of psychical facul-

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Lectures on Surgery. By James Spence, F.E.S.E. ; Surgeon to

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of the more extensively studied vegetable proteins. Since there

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the center of the low-power field, and the apparatus for regulating

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Force and Matter in relation to Organization : An Introductory Lec-

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(2.) There is a peculiar gait of side-to-side waddling, with un-

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cock is then opened. The exudate should be allowed to flow only very

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exhibits profound research, whilst the plates are clear and well

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uraemia than did dogs in a state of starvation or those given albumin

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This surely is fatal to the theory of ammonia injected into the cir-

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body fluids our common salt springs (Kreuznach, Nauheim, Kissingen,

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