At times he was delirious. In fact, his illness was more severe than

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ation was used. The dogs were anesthetized with ether.

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tion to kill animals at night or very early in the morning or on

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available in the complete Abbott line . . . for oral and parenteral use . . . for

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s..v.-,o tvp.-s ..f .-xp.-rim.-ntal pan.-n-ati,- .lial..-t,-s is tl,.- t..l,-,-a,,...- f.-wanl

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will disable any machine and, so, too, will “burned

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spite of this disability some lived for several weeks and showed remarkable

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225 Sheridan Road Medical Director Phone Winnetka 211

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eased." Some light infections are common to food animals, but there

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but very reluctant growth. They spread out as a very thin, dry film

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Webster 8 C. R. Macdonnell Marshfield E. G. Beers Seymour

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one of the most important factors, if not the most important one, in

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ported to the school infirmary on April 1, 1947, com-

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but as a rule they borrowed from savings banks. The payments usu-

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bacilli in our possession, and that they, like some tubercle bacilli of

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jihsen if these inlands: ami on the other, we see that when they are

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Publication — G. V. Stryker, St. Louis, Chairman; V. T. Wil-

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after eastralioii. Menstruation does not set in; the mammary <r|ands fail

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ments of Loffler, becomes attenuated by passage through young pigs,

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the figure. The epithelial membrane surrounds the papilla, ex-

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nrohahlv does, howe\er. is indicated by tlie results of the cxpeiimen'-

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requiring registration in an American book of record as the only

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animals and premises. When their work is finished for the day the

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similar results are available for the " meadow hay."

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Many depressions are marked by morning tiredness, inertia, lassitude

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and bacon, and sold to us branded " U. S. Government Inspected.'*

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tration of the joint by a pin and subsequent infec-

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and by shippers of dressed beef to prevent the slaughter for their use

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cance^ we believe^ in relation to the age incidence of cancer in man and

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normal. Bronchograms were negative for bronchiectasis.

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or other special place for final inspection. When the final inspection is made. If the meat


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