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rapidity. .Such result, however, is due to the patu-

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cut out. The edges were simply folded well in and the closing silk-stitches

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mal, its muscular coat being correspondingly hypertrophied.

detrol la package insert

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causes of this evil in the usage of the courts which

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ungen gehalten an der Universitat Leipzig. Von Pri-

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for her headaches and mental depression 1 found her nerv-

detrol la 4mg tolterodine l-tartrate

the hygiene of the intestine and correction of indicanuria,

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blood-corpuscles 3,230,000. Leucocytes 6200. Haemoglobin (Gowers)

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six, of whom thirty-three recovered and thirteen died.

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formation as the result of the use of buried sutures, believe that they form a

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fractures, and he certainly has had 12. The fractures have always been

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applied occasionally, the effect being counteracted by such emollient

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seventy-five. Patient had one brother who died in infancy

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Matten out as the titerus grows and give the impres-

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in the case of those which, like diphtheria, may recur, and after which the

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He feels well and has regained confidence in his physical

tolterodine (detrol) is indicated for treatment of

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developed, but in the initial stage it may appear as

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back of head, swelling of feet, belching of gas, distention of stomach,

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not be softened : it was not destroyed by fire, nor

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a condition develops where the patient is practically starving. The

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case, o deaths ; whooping cough. 44 cases. 7 deaths ; scar-

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are glad to see that another illustration of the laxative effect of psychic

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of the mixture was seen to pass by the anastomosi.'^.

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check on the treatment of syphilitic manifestations.

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toxpemia of pregnancy than the one, that has held sway so long, of

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S.XNFOKD, Joseph L., Lieutenant, Medical Reserve Corps.

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fever. On account of this complication plugging was discontinued,

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199. There were 10 deaths from sunstroke, 22 suicides, 6

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foam ; marked bile-color reaction. Sediment contains hyaline casts,

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col, and other substances have been used, which de-

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maining there until her marriage at the age of about twen-

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mortality from litholapaxy in India not to a peculiarity of the Indian con-

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edgc no obligation to reviciv them all. Nevertheless, so

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spect and grade dairies, milk cars, groceries, butcher

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domen, low down, with marked rigidity of the entire ab-

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tuberculous patients are either disinfected or reno-

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gina three days after the operation. The abdomen wa.s

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the bladder, ureteritis, pyelitis, and nephritis may follow. Of 17 cases of


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