the end of the first week," says Dr. Murchison, " it
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the advantages of those sanitary measures which they
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persons who come there for treatment, and also for the
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on Feb. 19 at the age of forty. His death was" due to injuries
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croton oil, calomel or some saline ; as carbon dioxide
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mouth 1.").;"). Southampton Hi.l, PlvmouUi IS. 2, Bristol lO.O, Bir-
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instructor, who can use the excellent plates to the
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whooping cough, erysipelas, fevers and con.snnij)tion) 830,
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sclerosis. Although calcified arteries are oftenest
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local, but it well may be national, and do the most for
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as much as possible, intending to pass strong shai-p
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to be the somewhat distended gall bladder in the usual
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cian shall feel it his duty to repeat such a "privi-
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tlie therapeutic pr()y)lem has be(;n worked out only
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by the authorities, and every effort is being made to in-
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could not be relieved by turpentine by mouth and locally
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hernia was about the size of a small apple. The patient
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he was shown at a meeting of the Boston City Hospital
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malady does not figure among the chronic troubles of his
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established as a fact, that the fundus of the stomach
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tions, and which we fully appreciate, are not inherent
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in the vaccination of large numbers of persons, and
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periods varying from a few months to several years.


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