These favourable terminations ought to encourage us
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new clinical and pathological laboratory, and the mi-
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That it has been foimd so, is evident from the favour
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see the people around, was, however, manifest. In the fol-
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all highly explosive bodies, deflagrating at a low tem-
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how long does it take for bisacodyl suppository to work
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in labour, no reasonable man could hesitate to afford
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rected, when, by the eye, the position of the tumour
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Azalea Jndica, the climbing, prickly Smilas; China^
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Mketon. On December 21st, 18C4, at North End, Fulham, Eliza,
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Art. XXIX. — Case of Hydrophobia. By Richard Long,
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fully comprehend its meaning. To sui:)ply this fail-
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scribe some of the methods by which such investiga-
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ages. Let us hope, then, "that Signer Cassola's estab-
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was I'eceived by the Hon. A. Kinnaird, Mr. P. Rose,
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sidered of national importance, emanating from tlie pen of a
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Fleming is not aware of any experiments being made familiar to
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left hanging out in a line with the noose on the artery.
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of treatment, and to furnish one of the objects men-
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Dr. Eansome, of Bowdon, Chesliii-e, " On tlie Need of
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cases, in which a fixed delusion lasts for yeai-s ; and
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cially in gi-eat exhaustion from uterine haemori-hage
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tact or othoi"wise, among members of the same family.
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