treatment, with selection of cases for the surgeon. There are, however,
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ETIOLOGY. Dilatation of the stomach occurs at all ages, more com-
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oxysms, incessantly rubs the affected part with the hand, either alone or
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painful ; indeed, Osier describes the case of a patient in whom difficult
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ETIOLOGY. Diabetes insipidus is a disease more often found in males
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movement, and, although significant of leukaemia when many are present,
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marked, great hesitancy must be felt in considering the two affections
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the toes to the knees. This case was especially interesting to the
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overlooked, such as temporary and partial failure of memory, word-
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and continues, though sometimes interrupted by evening exacerbations
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terior cerebral, may be affected even when the posterior cerebral is not,
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dured much pain through the night, and got no sleep. In the morn-
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thrown forward. The daily amval of a large number of cases, de-
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frequent in the insane, but they may exist in persons whose intellectual
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sometimes develop in the serous coat, and are the result of a variety of
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fiill-growii organism about the size of a red blood- corpuscle, which de-
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or both kidneys, with sensitiveness on pressure, or the pain is more
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back of the limb. In the more obstinate cases of the disease counter-
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should be taken to protect the abdomen from 'cold. The food should be
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patients lose flesh. The skin is pale and the haemoglobin is diminished.
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successive crises becomes a distinct enlargement. In cardiac crises there
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present at the duodenal end of the common duct. Dilatation of the gall-
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without traceable connections, is more abundant in winter than in spring,
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ance suggesting that of a chalked clown, although a reddish patch may
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cyst or hydatid, are beyond the reach of the surgeon, and the prognosis,
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possible contra-indication for its use : the more severe the gastro-intestinal
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lesions and lead to mistaken diagnosis as to the seat of the tumor. By
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such circumstances the use of iron in moderate quantities may be of ser-
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be in most cases administered continuously for many years after the
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staphylococcus. A local colony in the throat is more dangerous than
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may be divided into those symptoms which are due to the disease pro-
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quantity of blood, pus, lymph, or other albuminous fluid present, and is
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out cinchonism, but with the cure of a chorea of two years' standing.
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Colleges of this city .have larger classes than they had last session,


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