rooms, all help to harden the patient. Exercise is also a most essential


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is an extremity that is affected, there must be no sudden quick movement

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burst forth with indescribable violence in every direction."

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limiting the building to two floors the noxious circulation and efiects

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amounts of all fresh fruits except cranberries. In many well nourished

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night, when he began to complain of pain in swallowing ; at the

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outer wall at all but one point, leaving a clear, unstained, new-moon

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Very often it cannot be cured even for a time, forasmuch as it has

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bitten by a fresh and vigorous cobra or daboia, it or he will in-

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1/2-1 bottle of light table wine or a liqueur glass of brandy after eating,

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regions of the zoological scale. Different orders of animals, which,

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lungs. The superficial and visceral lymph glands were moderately

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coooQOQOoooiCio^iCiaiososajcsaiOooooooooo— ir^r-i

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of the bronchial capillaries comes very near to an aerating surface.

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* The case has already been brought under the notice of the Obstetrical

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II. All the known members of this group give positive gas tests

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(a doubly-pointed or shuttle trochar !) ; so also are sulphur, selenium,

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other medium, the gas production being more vigorous and anoma-

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The discovery of ticks in nature carrying the virus of spotted

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from tuberculosis glands in adults (Lewis, Park, Hess). However,

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patients do well at both resorts during the hot months. Strict instruc-

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mal solution of sodium hydrate with phenolphthalein as indicator.

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laries are the same, is not applicable to an organ such as the liver,

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The Candidates are arranged in order of merit. Maximum^ 6900.

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patient is given a suitable diet and made to take complete rest; for the

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vinegar or some liquid containing alcohol {e.g., cologne), sprinkling the

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power of destroying these foreign protein substances. Hence

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influencing the solubility of uric acid in the tissues. Umber considers

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of the ease with which this organism undergoes lysis. Varying

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with chronic parenchymatous nephritis show marked weakness and pallor.


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