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movable. He mentioned a case of Ctesarean section where
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tne risht kidney, and that it would be well to perform nephrectomy on
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gard to the provisions of the law applicable to it, which pro-
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The Medical Officers of Schools' Association. — A gene-
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which he relies for his conclusions are succinctly stated and
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make at its own expense the necessary arrangements at the
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is printed, unfortunately, instead of "parents," as small
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The association of ideas, with its accompanying sensations
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grams and apparatus were exhibited in illustration of the
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if such elTusi.iu had occurred into either serou-! cavity, de.ilh wo^ld have
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It is tlie custom in a good many of the best hotels to give a grand
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The following members were present : Messrs. Villiers,
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the United States of whom 53,372,703 were born in the States.
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would then be conferred after a non-academic course ; but
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fact that one of two daughter cells takes far more than its own
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crude as surmises and notions often may be, does not each such
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regular, and resemble these seen when chloroform is injected
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deceptive. In carcinomata, when the cells are large— as iii
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the dangers of the toy known as "Pharaoh's serpent," for-
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which almost daily publish under the title, ' What is it ?'
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the district, so that "O.'s" proposal is that persons who
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at times met with in which we can venture to atlirm from the
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who are considered by him to be behind the day, more particularly in


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