the dead bodies of the bacteria — that is, the protoplasmic substances or
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infection must be almost ubiquitous, and accordingly the exclusive im-
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although observers employing other and chemical methods of inflicting
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bacteria on dead albuminous substances ; they include highly toxic sub-
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Especially should they be regarded, and the state of the patient equally
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— 24a. Escherich. Fortschritte der Medlcin, IS80, 'Nos. 1G, 17. — 25. Fenwick. Brit.
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symptoms may be modified, but not apparently the great features of the
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who are better educated than the editors of these stupid productions,
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Continent the mortality was equally great, and outbreaks of puerperal
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electrodes of the bath froin a patient with lead poisoning. It is doubtful,
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a family (or less if local wages are low), and a charge of ^d. or Id. per
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It always occurs, then, in these positions along with other organisms,
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moment by Dr. Morrin and the late Dr. Hall. The operation occupied
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ity, loaded with urates and uric acid — the sulphated alkaline or mild
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scured by the precipitation of fine granules of an albuminous nature
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a Winter Health Resort," Practitioner, liv. 1890. — 69. Sandwith, F. M. Egypt as a
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the leucocytes. As suspected by Lowitz and proved by Sherrington, there


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