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jections of sugar in tuberculosis, and he has brought the subject down
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It was during this period that the city of Eio de Janeiro was
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he is apt to avoid it as long as possible, and emaciation is thus hur-
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Meerovitch to continue the operation instead of closing the abdomen.
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for this observation. Some future writer on yellow fever may be
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constipation, blurred vision, dizziness ond bloating Less fre-
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part. The query may hav^ arisen, " By placing the one pole
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Elliott: An Account of some Researches into the Nature and Action of Snake
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opening; action of the hernia on the thoracic organs, and changes in-
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other reason why I do not favor one remaining undisturbed for hours
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the coccyx and treat with N. P., (the hand is here much the
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pathological condition is not relieved early, it goes on until it re-
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harden. When required for the table, fill them with
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amaurosis, headache, dizziness, and violent dyspnoea, these symptoms
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tralbl.fiir Chir., 1896) has modified his procedure for the sterilization of cat-
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larger hospitals with neonatal intensive care units. In addition to
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Entered, according to the Act of Congreu. in the year 1871 (two entriatV
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Havana. — The city of Havana is within ninety-six miles of Key
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-Limits by rapid absorption 2. — Tubercle toxin necrosis.
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digestion. In many cases of phthisis, however, particularly in the
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from dairies without being assured that these come from non-tuber-
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spoon or with the hands, if cold ; add a little salt ;
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537-2137 Waiiuku 244-3966 329-1351 961-9644 Lihue 245-2951
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glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficient individuals, hemolysis may occur, frequently dose-
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Hodenpyl" have shown by their very interesting experiments that
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discarded, except in cases where fragments would be dislocated by
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cutaneous nerves being involved, and hence would not be called neuritic.
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somewhat wider than the compress, is wrapped over this, and the
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fact; and I should presume that electrical treatment, properly
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Coughing-spells are often brought about by a simple extra respi-
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dilating coronary arteries — both normal and stenotic.
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Treasurer K. (.1. ^^'Coiiiuir, Ksij.. 104 Sluiter St., Tel. .?i>H).
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As to treatment of rupture of the spleen, it can be summed up in
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cluded his upper airway). Unfortunately, the inner cannula had


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