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of beef. We can recommend it for use where such extracts

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companied by any signs of swelling. In other cases there is much effu-

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this instrument. It is sometimes impossible to prevent infection m

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The commonest micro-organism for inducing pyelitis is the Bacillus

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^,.1* ^-v \--* .T? -il. *«: Lfe jgc nacerial mechanisms which work

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lii j> J V 1.-1 if/at ioj) hhould begin with a request that the patient

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tween two opposing factors, the first being the power of the infecting or-

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tion, as in typhoid fever and tuberculosis. Both hemorrhage and per-

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Several waterclosets and urinals in the basement are very

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I. V. R. C. writes : To call officers " retired" who are liable to recall to

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muscles. We see here, therefore, a very remarkable difference be-

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which is characterized by a high blood-pressure, as the following his-


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