r, remembering that in starved patients good feeding is

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Pathology and Pathological Anatomy. — The bacillus

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important centres with each other. Paralysis may occur in

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time and place of this meeting will allow ample opportunity for

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intima, in which fatty and, eventually, calcareous deposition

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nature of the different growths, but pain, cough, and some

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' their mother's milk, and attention has to be paid so as to


hence they also think that they arise from it. Those, lastly,

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present at this time, but not in large amount ; albumose in small quantities.

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tures had grown out, bits of metal were put on the plates and then


It is doubtful to what extent syphilis, properly treated,

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that all the nerves arise from the medulla oblongata or spinal

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defective excretion by the skin, kidneys, and bowels, and there-

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