, loop of bowel affected. There are all the clinical features,, 1. Hydatid Cysts. — The cysts are generally found in,, January 8, 1891.— One fine vesicle; no effect in the other place.,, by operation or other means, but many cases are necessarily,,,, classification proposed by Hauser. It is more than probable that,, left hemiplegia and hemiansesthesia and dulled intelligence. He became,, casts of the bronchial tubes occur, and by their presence cause,, key plate and the heavy horizontal line of the radiograph paral-,, action only by the most powerful medicines. Where evacu-,, The faradic and galvanic excitability of the nerve may be only,, material at the tip of the small arrow represents hemarthro-,, lough it is difficult to believe that in all cases a,, more than two or three grammes of urea. Occasionally there was seen,, phoid. Sulphonal (gr. 15-30), chloralamide (gr. 15-30),,, made of almond or cocoa-nut Hour. Ordinary bread toasted is,, www.iran, I feel that I cannot add very much to this subject. Although,, the difeafe is defcribed as it appeared in 1747 and 1748,,, but possessing considerable tenacity. I administered warm,, tractieotomy may ^ yi^jf^^i-mpil (^2) Itemove th e cause of,, Pulmonary gymnastics are certainly of great value ; the patient


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