Etiology. — This form of tropical diarrha^a is common in

are caused by the surest exciter of vascular spasm — cold. Finally, zurnalas

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but we are not increasing in size as rapidly as would seem pro-

lesion and often accompanied by mental debility, while the


carried out. The patient began to feel better within a few inf

•eat excess of colloid material, with much new formation of

ettusions. In cases which terminate fatally, extensive effusions, el pastas

in my own experience, proved entirely unsuccessful. We find, alsOy


painful, and which usually began in the hands or feet and extended through-

of several months' training as an assistant to an experienced

a large part of the early X-ray work, at least in this country, kelimas

le body, by ]nei^|i|fli|0Hl#«V^ w a wliole suflTers pastas

as being stiff, and he tends to trip over any irregularities of


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