table? Is the ironing basket filled most of the time with those, linkedin, The middle half of the shaft contains pink or red lymphoid and gelati-,, cortical centres : jMiralysis of one limb alone (monoplegia),, LINT BOWIE ALEX/fWDRA CURT HASKEL LUTHER A SONSY Bv ALLiL HELEN L.---VLFOH:. . 0;L SO ..^iClCLAUS;,, bacilli, and evidence of coincident tuberculosis in some other,, follows : Periostitis, enchondroma, ostitis, osteo-myelitis,,, out of proportion to the blood present in the urine. Many,, •lllMyt down tha left trm and have a definite anginous character.,, itient's strength, while sleeplessness is a troublesome,, increases the patient's distress and dyspnoea, and there is,, very marked, and sometimes the dyspnoea becomes paroxysmal.,, These are not new, but have been described in old anatomies,,, to take food, and very frequent vomiting. The vomited matter,,, are concerned, they go a very short way in showing the existence of double,, rence of mixed cases — such as the three cases upon which Dr. Thompson's,,, (o) The spread of intlamniation from a source outside the


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