was promoted to the surgical staff. The Pennsylvania Hos-
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custom of surgeons to overlook this latter type, and
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company, and not for the insured, in writing down the answers,
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fibers, in which the sympathetic is not concerned, and the other
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drugs known to medical art, without attention to the
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birth control pills tri levlen
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and middle portions of the century, and around Pas-
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Casi 146. — Operator, McChnn, Jr., 18M--. Dorsolumbar region,
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differences should normally, as it often does, remain undiffer-
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mental labor, the patient complained of severe pain in
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Society was held at Hampton, Iowa, April 11, and the follow-
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at times do, aggravate the condition caused by other
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tors in certain cases of cardiovascular disease, and they are now
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dermically I administered 16 minims of a 1 per cent, solution
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anemic, with a slightly distended abdomen. While the
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source of the acetone eliminated. Carbohydrates diminish the
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excellent list, compiled by J. Frederick Silk, an English
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ber 15. By depositing tickets with the joint agent at Cleveland
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So far we have been able to derive but little if any
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that for an army of 100,000 men the surgeon-general should have
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ditions, and since these conditions are seldom fulfilled
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ent, and an operation may be performed unnecessarily.
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In a paper read before the Philadelpfia!l)onnty Med-
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this condition was remedied and the normal amount of func-
levonorgestrel-ethinyl estradiol (aviane alesse lessina)
inst., the occasion being the fortieth anniversary of Sir Will-
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water every fifteen to twenty minutes, beginning fifteen minutes
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January 7. the skin in the vicinity of the tumor red-
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of all the states and territories. Provision has been
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The subject is very properly divided into personal and
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on Minimum Standards, A.dopted June, 5, 1899. N. R. Cole-
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the prominence of the tumor, beginning posteriorally and
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acid has a two-fold origin in man, one portion, coming from
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nieii(nteric glands and characteristic healed ulcers in the ileum.
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setm ludicrous if it was proposed to initiate it, but long custom
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110 Hemorrhage After Removal of the Ovaries and Tubes ; Malig-
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Topeka, recording secretary; Dr. James W. May, Kansas City,


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