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pursued has been to try to learn more of the fundamental nature
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and the temperature was such as to be readily withstood by any normal
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tubules with surrounding inflammatory changes, while all groups
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cation the proper denomination for such a case should be ' Pseudo-
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apparently commencing in the site of the original tuberculous mucosal lesion.
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naturally seeks for some more adequate and positive cause for this reaction
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creatine story with muscle tone, though the exact application of the work is
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plasma than in the corpuscle. Diabetic bloods showed higher total sugar
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at 11.45 P.M. At 1 P.M. next day dog wan nearly dead. Killed at 1.35 and
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sand. The patient is covered with a sheet and allowed to inhale the vapour
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rupture unless the finger receives an inadvertent knock, in which case


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