physician of Charleston, S. C. His wife died in 1891.
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Operation," was published in the transactions of the Medical Asso-
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at other times more slowly. In many of the milder cases the disease is an ex-
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has not seen on our streets fond mothers and nurses leading
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who first reported a case of stricture of the rectum successfully
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Surgeon at the Roosevelt Hospital and Attending Sur-
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Dr. Minard is a member of the Medical Society of the
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mental shock, personal magnetism or imagination, without ever
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exploration within the human body, made abdominal sur-
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site side, — phenomena which alcoholic intoxication invariably
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Many a young physician owes his success to the encour-
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■(iiiiK'cli.-d with lilt- I)is|ieiisary of the New
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gradually as the creature develops. This indicates that the animal comes
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proof covering, partly tacked together, partly stuck together,
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ter Pathological Society, and an honorary fellow of the Rochester
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The circular nature of the track, occasionally the slight
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International Congresses (Philadelphia, 1876, London, 1881, Copen-
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Hernia of the lung is very rare ; extensive emphysema is
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University of Louisville. The same year he entered the


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