result of scarlatina, as in all probability the present one was, may be

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turn of sickness. He complained of slight pain ; this, however, was not

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a fortnight since by the eruption of a zoster affecting the gluteal region

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extremities are cold. Movement appears painful, and the patient is

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that of the large colon, was crowded with ulcerations, most of which

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formed a swelling the size of a pigeon's egg, were hard, and firmly

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morning with warm creolin solution. It healed rapidly and uninter-

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flagyl used to treat what infections

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quart. It is either placed upon a wardrobe or attached by a small flap

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" while medicine cures individuals, hygiene saves masses." The bodies

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requiring surgical interference. The health of the patient for the last

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vessels were seen in the glands in which the blood remained uncoagu-

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had been detected earlier, it might have been arrested by castration.

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vocation. His diagnostic power was admirable, and his explanations were

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we find that William de Bellingham, coroner for Alexander the third of

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lump of liver ; but it proved to be three or four coils of intestine, almost

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the floor, or along the middle meatus, and pushing back the turbi-

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means — for it is notorious that, in the Bohemian peasant hovels, the

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tissues. In health the proportion remains practically the same, but

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were some mistake about the acceptance or rejection of foreign volim-

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times the exudate is purulent. The pleura is irregularly thickened,

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bined wit each dose of the perchloride of iron ten grains of hydro-

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Recovery was not complete until towards the 15th June, though had

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Bailey, Henry Bennett, L.S.A., Sutton St. Edmunds, Lincoln (Guy's)

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as I can discover, he never traveled beyond the boun-

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the investigation of others, for so I shall be more likely

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differences between avian and human tuberculosis ; he found that

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III. A five-year-old Percheron horse, entered hospital 26th May,

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of haemoglobinuria. We likewise found that blood-serum from horses

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epiploon ; the lymphatic glands were enlarged, and numerous granu-

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removals from all causes, 1 68 cases were admitted, which are classified

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better and stronger. In the case of the female aged 43, as the physical

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while still under Dr. Pollock's care, that the blood reappeared, as he

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Finally, one hot day, it fell in the shafts and died in a few moments.

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however, it lay down. Respiration became rapid and moaning, and


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