guitar the most useful. We are informed that Dr. J. G. Blackmau, of

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the British Medical Journal of January 28th, where he

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Mr. Noble Smith said that he held not that deformity of

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sentation of some of the disorders of madness. Moreover, lie

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animal will continue breathing in a small amount of chloro-

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been expended on sanitary works, and over 4 lakns on sanitai-y and medical

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Liable to Recall writes : While the reserve army medical officers

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the special senses are treated of, all at considerable length

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impaired in resonance. There was also a blowing systolic murmur at the

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great commendation. It contains 3 grains of crystallised

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H.H. the Xizam of Hyderabad arrived at the conclusion that

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form seems to have reached mainly that part of the central

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has, so far as I can see, taught us little, if anything, of the

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of the subordinate medical service in charges hitherto

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is appointed to the medical charge of Barraclcporc Subdivision, in

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nicated with Dr. Luys on my behalf, and also Dr. Sajous, the

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births in thirty departments in which forests are destroyed.

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face gradually assumed a more liealthy hue, and the pulse fell to 80. By

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Officer to the London County Council Industrial School, Mayiord,

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assistance in promoting progress of the measure in the Hotise.

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Jbiosis which concerns the parasites, and a certain meso-

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Foot and mouth disease has increased in Germany of late

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to the ground. A pasl-mnrlem examination was made by a medical man

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stated in the question. The matter had been frequently considered, and

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mediately below the surface. Histologically there were no

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at once be done. Ttiere is certainly no danger of nonunion

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hyperidrosis, treated tliree years ago— no relapse. Hysterical

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showing during the last few years very gradual improvement

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Paget (1, Harewood Place, Harewood Square, W.), Sir Wil-

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