Kheumatism, which comes in as a disturbing element in the
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amining the greatest variety of new. interesting and rare articles, embracing all
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originated in this place made any way, or was found to answer
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fession, to thank the publishers for their enterprise and liberality.
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a solid body. If either of these suppositions were true, the
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case. I am confident that I operate now with less difficulty than I
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power in carrying on the healthy actions of life; and, as a
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and by watching and assisting experienced operators. (Except
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might mean something a little like what is written in the
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cutting instrument. About fourteen hours after the injury he was visited
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dealt with later. In extreme cases there may be dis-
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tices externally, with some one of the numerous gargles, the simplest
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— bowels unmoved. Dr. Allen's diagnosis agreed with my
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to the mixture, was given ; but this was seldom necessary, and I
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erysipelas, or influenza, occur as an epidemic, it will present
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bougie two or three times a week for the purpose of overcoming
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the elbow-joint, practiced recently by Paget, Fergusson, and Erichsen, viz :
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fitted, five weeks after the wound, the scar was be-
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form of vomiting alluded to occurs in diseases where there is much
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is suggestive at once of obstruction at the pylorus. Dilatation
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lenburg began at the first symptom of a return of the attack with
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functions, that " the mechanical obstacles, occasioned by
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ments sold by Mr. Robertson. This case ran rapidly into open
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evidence of the culpable ignorance or the no less culpable care-
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eleven of ^Moubtful nature but not malignant." Dr. Kelsey
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acid nitrate of mercury, and notice the result ; if favorable, return to the
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night. It is better for the patient to apply this with his finger
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to enhance hemoglobin and red corpuscles. " There is no
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of patients exhibiting, on examination, after death, no constant patho-
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dated — motion in the elbow joint. The external wounds about healed
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