be had a unilateral convulsion affecting tlie right side, the
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Like its parent volume, this well-known Appendir has grown
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action at a distance, the moment of the closure or opening of tlie current
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porary hospital accommodation being provided, and the same
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tain the cause of death of a Colonial broker. It appeared
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last week's record for the former place and a score of cases for the latter.
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bearing on the point under discussion besides what relates to children
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oartilage, or other simple tissue. The tissue grows by the
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roof joins the wall. What is the medical officer to do under
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longed attacks of his almost life-long enemy— gout. For
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Fourteen cases of cholera, some of them fatal, were notified from the
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brous. Th^ obvious solution oi these cross purposes is plaJn military
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medical life of the city, he still continued to take an active
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much when the wound is dressed. Sometimes it is advisable to
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Certain enthusiasts who have become leaders of great move-
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constructed of Indiana limestone and white brick. It is
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nasal troubles, the public has been shrewd enough to avail
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A VERY serious protest has been made by the Society of
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Remarks were also made by Drs. Michie, Handford, and
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system is so inconvenient and expensive that nothing but
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The raising of the registration fee for out-patients at the
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— Dr. FiBTH showed an Abscess of Lung following Operation
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Dr. Elder deprecated the common practice of carryiug^
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gasps, apparently from spasm of the diaphragm, and a sound
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present time it was often very difficult to find a lunacy magis-
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Street Bridewell, Liverpool, rice D. Dunlop Costine, M.D.St.And.,
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larger representation of Scotland: oathp Council of the
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London Post-Graduate Course, Bethlem Royal Hospital, 3 p.m.— Dr.
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School of Medicine, a WHO Fellow in western Europe,
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Surgeon at Pakokker, Burmah, in addition to his military duties, on No-
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JocrtXAL been compelled to advise practitionerslin England to accept only
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spend the summer months of each year in Ireland, wintering
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Hence if gauzH charged with the double cyanide were applied
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of its characteristics had been arrested by the foul condition
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in olive oil, as well as the elaborate methods of milk analysis,
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formed. In a stable near Paris in which glanders had become
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ing on Monday last, declined to support the Inverness pro-
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tlie Inland Revenue Laboratory. The public analysts com-
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fessional manner, and who cannot give a satisfactory expla-
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this was lost by the pressure of the surrounding soft parts, it
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103°. It was decided to treat him with subcutaneous injec-


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