ficient basis for general conclusions as to the nature of the
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give their opinion on the question of insufficient food and its etTects on
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and address their correspondence to the assistant secretary
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altogether from the nuclei, and, moreover, it is a matter of
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other than falls or blows on the hip as causes of this form of
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rounds tlie medulla and cerebellum. Basal hsemorrhage is
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fjrniture in the dormitory. The floors are not washed or
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the appeal made on behalf of the widow of the late A. Gerard Ginders,
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of the bowel on straining at stool. He recovered strength
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tive, and it woul(3 be obviously unfair to university graduates if men
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urge the selection of a later hour for meeting than has
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with the disease, which had been variously described as mal
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presence of albumen in the urine of f^ma'teswasiluemoiihagi^
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104.3°, but with 4 it was slight. Tubercle bacilli were last
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It formed the end of a Meckel's diverticulum. The bowels
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On the morning of February 17th, 1893, I was called to Mrs.
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deficient in fat to the extent of from 50 to 80 per cent., and
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by himself, gives a complete summary of the literature of
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Officer of Health, qualified. Salary £260 per annum. Applications
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attacks of small-pox, though, of course, such attacks are very
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delay was unfortunate, but could not be prevented, when we
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published information on the subject, and for further in-
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No doubt Mr. Tebb will include Dr. Heidenstain among his
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he took action in the matter mainly on the ground of its importance to
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ceeded normally until all but the head was born, when a
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by Mr. Ernest Hart on The Coming Cholera, in which \(i
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articles of merchandise are only to be disinfected when
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A COERESPONDENT states that, although he knows several naval and
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side of the narrow promontory of Alaska, humming birds are
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tliread worm, were next described. Here again it has been
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took place on the proposed revised charter, and various points
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the inference was quite as likely to be the other way.) "I
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Haffkine's " virus fort," but they proved themselves refrac-
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carried out in the most conscientious and efleetive manner.


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