relieve her bowels. The fseces were either scybalous, flat like a
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Mr. Editor, — Rocolloctinf:^ the impression that iho first sight of an
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pood, had perhaps suffered, in some degree, from these depressing
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si^ed to me by the trovernment oflicers at stipulated wages. Ho
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cannot recommend imitation in similar cases." — Sydenham Societ}'^s
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The disease seemed to me rather to partake of the nature of ty-
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usually become less susceptible to the action of drugs
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quantity of sweet oil, and had vevy little trouble at the time, though he
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tarsal bones had extended up through its upper extremity, thus open-
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MAS3ACRr.«;ETTs Medical Society. — The annual meeting of the Mas-
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ment or fear, that to the same extent may be said rarely to exist in
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[The following brief account of the recent Ophthalmological Con-
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auricle except through this foramen, and through this all the blood
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iollows that drugs acting on the brain and cord are more
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panes 12 and 20.) It is also dwelt upon in Stellwajr von Carion's
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Then abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting (in those animals
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lescence are rare. From this fact we may infer how rarely wanton desertion from
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delirium and black vomit came on, and notwithstanding all our
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in the region of the neck and shoulders of the horse every
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Case XVI. — An infant, 14 months of age, had scarlatina anginosa ;
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i. iiiif.l to the intepiincnts, and in which retraction of the soft parts
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The causes of an immediately or secondarily fatal result of labor
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tioner, even if involuntarily, into a position of reverence in
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leave, however, with much regret on account of the many pleasant
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Feb. 18th, 8, A.M. — Same excitement continued all the past night.
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of atropine sulphate. A drop will suffice, and no trace of
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rior to ichthyol for this purpose. Iodine is injected into
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conducted with blood (Harley) containing strychnine, shaken
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wfTc sirk with the disease, of whom many, as I have stated, had it
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«aline taste. Very hygroscopic. Soluble in 1 part of water
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when required. This done, the railroad companies are to be exempted
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or insufficient ; and that these contractions have theeflect of expelling
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rewarded by increasinc: sensibility, mental and physical. CJradually
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chymosed, the spinal marrow unc!iange<l. The lumbar muscles, as
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this, the lids can be softly rubbed over the cornea, in order to press
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To acquire this expertness, it is especially necessary not only to
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From the district above mentioned 8 to 10,000 hundred-weight
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potassium permanganate the nif)st efficient antidote for
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seldom find a psoriasis paltnaris or plantaris syph. without raore or
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Dei'ivation. — A liquid composed of 2 per cent., by
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't these coudilions, that the internal ailininistration of iodide of po-
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few public-spirited individuals, to meet a temporary falling off in the
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their exceptions) in order to form the genitive case (singular):
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gmell. The only after-treatment consisted in the administration of


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