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Airaiii : in strikinir the average from a large number of cases col-
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From these purely scientific investigations, so rude in comparison
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Incompatibles. — Lime water, alkaline carbonates, phos-
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cially, have been collected, and are now being systematically arrang-
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by high febrile excitement, with a full pulse, and, at first, a hot skin ;
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To Correspondents. — The paper on the character and ti-eatment of vellow fever, as it
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resumed as soon as possible, leaving as few intervals as may be in a
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contract most, drawing with them the cut margin of the skin. This
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Tinctura Benzoini Composita. Compound Tincture of Benzoin.
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acyclovir (zovirax) famciclovir (famvir) penciclovir (denavir) valacyclovir (valtrex)
the thumb being the first part implicated, and then the muscles of
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continue to increase and extend its influences for medical improve-
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reflexly produce notable alterations in pulmonary conditions.
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somewhat stimulating. The tincture is, accordingly, partic-
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Under 5 years of age, 32 — between 5 and 20 years, 2 — between 20 and 40 years, 19 — be-
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At these hospitals the proportion of severely wounded men is
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suggestion, and after my plans, I would rather quote what is
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R. 01. terebinth., 3iv. ; syr. simp., § i. M. S. 3 i. every three
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were lost in the lower margin of the aneurism, which, on being re-
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principally IVoni the towns of Danvcrs, South Panvers, Haverhill,
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- 'I'd tea as a drink. On the second day the dose of bi'andy was
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internally brownish-red, and marked with irregular, concen-
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conditions; as, for example, potassium chlorate in electuary
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4. Hydragogue Purgatives.— B-jdr&gognes are agents
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confinein'-iit ((fmen in 10.5 feet of air for each, as at Fort Warren : in 25
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with uncias. But to write out prescriptions in full, as above,
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was the capsular ligament ; and that in experiments on the subject, he
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quently. Filter and refilter till the solution becomes clear
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Corps will see that they are always on hand, timely requisitions being made for
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Dr. Hall Curtis, of this city, late Assist. Surgeon of the 24th Mass.
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perchloiure de fer, clilornre ferrique, Fr.; eisenchlorid, G.
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and pleuritis with effusion, and, applied over the throat in
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lasted three hours, when delirium supervened and continued for six
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ordered drawings to be made of the various burial grounds of the
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of Manchester, England, of recognized weight as an obstetrical
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the pathological condition which precedes it. When we ask this
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in particular) is somewhat diuretic, stimulating the secreting
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«. > and, as we think, iiuju.-titialile course of attempting to
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for ruminants and are often preferable to a poor quality of
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