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f the brain ; effusion of yellowish serum in sheath of spinal cord,
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the ventilation is very imperfect, but may be easily improved.
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mised to do as well as any of my primary amputations.
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Death of Dr. Jacob IIarsen, of New York. — In the death of Dr.
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Cambridge. We should have stated that he had been nominated, the
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by Dr. W. E. Coale ; the District of Louisville, by Drs. Gay and Buck-
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ism, mammary irritation, puncture of the membranes, their separa-
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We aqrree entirely with Mr. Wilson that no remedy will cure pso-
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Three weeks since, I had on my list fifteen cases of the very worst
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Two per cent, solutions may be employed upon the un-
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the swampy woods beyond, is perhaps three quarters of a mile.
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They are rarely of any value, and include tobacco, ipecac,
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Respiration. — The alkaloid is also a profound respira-
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sister, now living, who has had sixteen living children, at single birtlis,
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'. ery small exploring trocar and cannla, and suction pump, by which a
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management of it. For the present, therefore, I shall take leave of
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somewhat splintery ; translucent on the edges, somewhat
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iiet'd not be pressed, unless the lehs is quite large and hard. In this
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mercury ; oxidum, genitive oxid-i, of oxide ; flavum, genitive
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caustic, the formula for which she had lost. She consented, however,
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from his comrades, it was early in the battle, which took place on the
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outside, and one for barracks and for each class of tents, would be
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carin); and occasionally by overdoses of mineral acids, naphtol, naph-
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her as seldom in bed as possible, till the child's head is about to
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very strength of their convictions, proclaimed the Adamic theory, as
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Every physician, especially in the army or in court, in all cases in
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doubt that in the induction of premature labor by the injection of
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^Dose.—H. & C, 3 ss.-i. (15.-30.) ; Sh. & Sw., 3 ss.-i. (2.-4);
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mal ligature came away of itself, with knot and loop on the end.
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tional derangements of the thoracic and abdominal viscera, and,
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investigators, in club-shaped bodies, lying immediately beneath the
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panied by a local exudative process, and also in leukaemia,
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Dr. Haven was Surgeon of the 15th Regiment Mass. Vols., and
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it to remove traumatic cataracts in which foreign bodies were impact-
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suring him that the memory of the deceased will remain with us in perpetual
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inflammation. Rubefacients are often applied over the


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