health." I did not think this was a very bad prescription, although somewhat

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is remarkable, in some cases, how little optic neuritis and its

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consistence of the kidneys in valvular disease is notorious to all

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able to its author, and well adapted to answer the purpose for

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quently it is believed that religious anxiety has produced insanity, when the cause

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head or brain. It of course lived but a very brief period"

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to have worms at the time of commencement of treatment, and three

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look at these, or at any other plates of ordinary varieties of eye

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the boy, was giving him large amounts of fresh milk, about

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self—she cannot escape from it, and knows not what it is, and those around not

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change of carriages. The crowd of bathers who flock to this

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that the diarrhea is protective in nature in such cases, inasmuch

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melancholy, reserve, gloomy thoughts, dark fancies, hypochondria and other bad

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eastern possessions. But this is not the only feature which

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some less, conducing to the melancholy aggregate of wickedness and misery, are

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adopt Dr. Typaldos' conclusion, but we cannot admit it as

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occasion of her going out to a dance, she was running np-stairs considerably

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weakened by age or excessive labour ; it agrees also with patients

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given bj the stomach, its elimination begins somewhat suddenly,

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in the kitchen. The age at which most cases occurred was from

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^ Diaphoresis is a more freqnent effect from the injected strychnia, especially

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cured in flve days by tartar emetic and cold douches to the head. Dr. Guy, of

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away, or a severe frost nip her down as easily as a leaf, will wear shoes in the cold-

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be. It is said that the rich, creamy look of the mixture is obtained by the use oi


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