various modifications, was introduced to do away with the

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what the dangers of the cocaine habit are, or how easily that

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vious chapter we have given a detailed explanation of why the reflex

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to follow his occupation for many months, on account of

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on Metabolism. Vol. I. deals with the Physiology of Metabolism, the most

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This, the third volume of the second edition of this important work,

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well borne. Where the pain disturbs the night's rest, it is advisable

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(camphor pulv. gr. vj, emulsion of almonds, vj). The employment

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do. It is no longer surprising that cholera should follow the routes of

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The superficial ulcer (Eicord^s chancre parchemin<). In this

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labour. There are two ways in which this examination can be

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them are scarcely perceptible. The centrum semiovale is unusually

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