portion being males. In the United States the whites are much more
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he may continue for a number of years in a fair state of health.
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in the early morning diarrhea of some patients, who often have copious
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onerous that he cannot do justice to the sick under his care.
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Professor Victor Horsley, and that on psorosperms and
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late energy that is beneficial to it, and so an undue expendi-
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first make inquiries. Tliey would get tlie evidence of wit-
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thwaite. and Mr. F. J. Gray, and the Inspector of Retreats,
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with one case of osteosarcoma of the head of the humerus, which,
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class that during his diflSculty he could use words imder emotion and
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skull increases in volume, but not so much in proportion as the face,
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upon his seat, and, I have no doubt, thus ruptured a vein within the
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occasions a disposition had been shown to invite the attendance of a
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was so troublesome that I could not secure the vessels until his other
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prudence as to inebriate criminals by citing the ease of a
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tinued for some months. Finally, the nerve may often be
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praises of Dr. A., their medical officer, whose professional
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abscesses. Such inflammations do not extend to the trachea and bron-
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even millions of times per second, the rate being determined
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case with goiter and in 5 cases without goiter. They were all char-
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that I demonstrated to them in my sections the bodies
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as in Graves' disease and in tabes, but in neither of these states is the
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The Westminster Hospital Reports. Vol. viii. By Dr. R. G. Hebb. Lon-
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But the worst sensation of vertigo comes from disturbance of
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friction. Care, however, should be taken meanwhile to protect the
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Palpation. — One of the most valuable signs of the effusion, when it


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