the interference with heat dissipation. The justly eminent clinician,

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ally interested in this class of soldier in a dmible sense: For liis

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1.43° after affusion of 52° F., and 2.44° after affusion of 75° F.

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germs and their dangers, to those about the table, among

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during the earlier stages, and sometimes throughout the attack, while

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These methods are particularly applicable to the weak

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was done in grand style. The Christmas Party, an annual event for LSUMC,

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An editorial in the University Medical Magazine, February,

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strong in protein, carbohydrates, and fat. Fresh Hma beans

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is characterized by a catarrhal inflammation of the respiratory tract,

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dences of the latter conditions are to be found in the state of the pulse,

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the type of normal man, and because of them, and for them,

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clude the use of hydrogen peroxid, which should be continued through-

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effect, as douches, in which it is impossible to judge each of its com-

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sion is sometimes sad, though more often stupid. Generally hyperes-

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of course, distinctly important measures. At the same time tonic

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tention. It has been well worked out by two Italian physicians, Vinaj

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tall, lanky man, with arms too long for his body, with a halt

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Hydrotherapeutic Apparatus for Hospitals, Asylums, and Other Institu-

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tients only do well under this condition, be the causes what

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typhoid fever than in the first was amply demonstrated in this case.

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terials for growth and renewal, and with power, much as fuel

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buy the cultivated ones. You always then get the common

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officers, had resigned as full surgeon and entered upon pri-

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sufficiently large to warrant a review of our work at this time, espe-

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houses, there were 541 cases of tuberculosis in three years.

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son, both in age and years of service, was Dr. Hugh L. Hodge.

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in the Cooper school in the early days. He was Broderick's

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poison may be carried to short distances by currents of air, and may be

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E. F , 33 years old, came to the Home in November, 1892, after a large hem-

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21-24.— Segmenting bodies fri>m the spleen. Figs. 21-23 represent one bodv where the entire

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it does, at least 72° F. (22.2° C). The persistence of the disease on

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germs found in milk are the bacillus coli communis, com-

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nervous system ; and fourthly, the condition of the tissues at

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deny such conclusions as regards diet for the so-called uric

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be eliminated by oxidation and changed into soluble compounds.

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application may be produced by effects upon the ganglionic centres,

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■disease; we know it is an infectious disease; we know the

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spirits we should dispense for our sick, but we cannot always

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and in 1892-93 (abroad). It is seen that there have been no epidemic

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hundred and twenty-six; the number of deaths thirty-six — 8.4 per

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accounted feeble-minded? The public little knowing that


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