2. Indigo-white or indigogen. This substance, improperly called

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Cutting, Windsor C.— A Manual of Clinical Therapeutics 833

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filaments, which are sometimes simple and unbranched, at other times

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that is, they unite with sulphur, oxygen, and other bodies, witliout

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actually drawn from or propelled into the ear of the auscultator, when

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way in which these persons would utter them, any trick or peculiarity

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DR. JOHN V. SHOEMAKER, of Philadelphia, Pa. Professor of Materia Medica in thfe Medico-Chirurgical

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riage). Semivascular plants; a class of flowerless plants furnished with

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“ diminution of brain-substance without induration or softening spimil

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17. Sanders, R. L. : An Evaluation of the Methods of Partial

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the Detroit Receiving Hospital in 1938-1942, twenty-

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probably the penicellium glaucum, being the parasite in tinea favosa;

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prefix, used in composition, and corresponding to the semi- of the^

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the stamens united by their filaments in three parcels or fasciculi.

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18. Electromagnetism. Magnetic electricity; the term applied to

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affection than infirmity, and nray' be constitutional ; the latter belongs

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Exudative diseases; diseases which come out by sweating; a genera i

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nately concave and convex, on the femoral or external surface, is called

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which are free from water. Salts, when free from their water of

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successfully, it is well to direct the point of the

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procured in gi'eatest purity. AVhat is commonly called tannin is

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8. Calkins, L. A.; Litzenberg, J.. and Plass, E.; Am. J. Obst.

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audilus, or small bones of the ear, in form resembling a hammer, fastened

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RHU'BARB. Rhei radioe. The root of an undetermined species of

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6. Compact tismte. A tissue formed by fibres placed so close together

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in all Insomnias, Insanity, and in all cases in which hypnotics are indicated.

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intended to include the satyrisis and nymphomania of Sauvages.

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denotes what is huge and vast; wdiile quantitas is a term of relative

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salt; sulphuric acid, spirit of sulphur; chloride of tin, spirit of Libavius;

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ist — In the quality of the Pure Oil used in its composition, being the finest Norwegian, of a

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.1. Choroiditis. Inflammation of the choroid — the second, or vascular

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aid in the initiation and maintenance of successful

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not have been orifices of the ureters, because they are

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