1-20 1o 1-10 grain by the mouth; 1-25 to 1-6 grain hypodermic-

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tion is formed of separate layers of the different constituents.

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infection, and this hypothesis has therefore been given scant

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and paged for the convenience of binding under the respective headings of—

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in the organs of the vegetative sphere, in the stomach, in-

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poisons. In cases of poisoning by these agents many esteem it

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To accomplish results an exposure of at least one day is neces-

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seen on the edge of the eyelids, in the nose, on the lips,

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"It may be employed with the greatest certainty in any form

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the skin, and through this property becomes a useful remedy in

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These pigment changes indicate pregnancy in some women at

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cal. It admits of various causes ; and is produced in fact

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of the muscles of the upper and lower extremities and the forced

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disturbance without being its cause. For these reasons atten-

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combined with saw-palmetto. I have certainly found these two

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of the springs. Mr. Carriere observes, with regard to

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When using cocaine the fact that alarming symptoms may

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painting from 10 to 30 min. over the cutaneous area correspond-

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All diseases are not alike in regard to the height to which

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such cases, when amygdalus was suggested by counsel. It was

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paralleled Poet-heroes rank throughout the whole civilized

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oiv. M. Sig. Dose one teaspoonful every two or three hours.

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the result. This is a well-kno^^l experiment among physiolo-

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tril. With the assistance of Dr. T. L. Ogier, it was drawn

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cording to his statement, he was taken with a swelling of

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