reaction for our first orienting experiments with preparations of

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argument, as such a body may be the seat of infections by both

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especially if it is bilateral, as in that case it is exceedingly unlikely that

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of air again, and mitigate coincident headache. A 1-2 per cent, solution

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pavilion blocks of which they are formed. In order to secure the

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over a week, a condition which could scarcely cause a nuisance in a

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matter were to be seen in the field of the microscope.' If we compare this

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brethren in this country are likely to remain great sinners in his

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one swelling over the malar prominence on the left side had ruptured

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tween 30 and 45 when it was at its best, decolorizing in 2-3 days.

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Through the courtesy of Dr. George Wiegner, of the Landwirtschaftliches Insti-

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number of transverse-sectional planes, which the head has to go

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country, prove Plato to have been wise in mental science.

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and Foix^ found that the activity of the leukocytes and the opsonic

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difference in the number of viable pneumococci in the consolidated

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the viper. Wth July. — No change. 13th. — The snake is alive

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Case 5, — A male subject, middle-aged, dissected in March 1864.

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voluminous flocculent precipitate on adding a few drops of saturated NaCl solution.

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should not be sent there. They are much better off at home than any-

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It should be noted, however, that there are some patients who cannot

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minal peritoneum," he observes, " is especially liable to occur in

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pathogenicity for white mice was determined. In this way we

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Return of, — March ; 8up])lement for 18(59. Madras Monthly Journal of Jleaical Science,

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du Coeur chez. les Infants. Paris, 1869. London, 1870.

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now, Seetapore, Futtegurh, Cawnpore, and Allahabad. 3. Meerut,

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This statement has remained unanswered, and is, in the opinion of

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employed in the treatment of these affections ; he certainly should

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W. E. Wood, U.S.A., and others in the Quartermaster's Department for various

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of food. We must then be contented to keep the sugar as low as possible,

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find the seat of the disease in the spinal cord ; and at the autopsy

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height." I have directed that he shall be very closely watched day

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or (b) that the toxin was in some way activated. To determine

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health, and during the inflammation, or subsequent to it, affections


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