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neck of the uterus, giving to the foetus much room for motion,

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several of these bodies. The heart and large vessels were, with

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geons term evulsion — (backward and forward movement) to

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Association, all Institutions which may conform to it shall be entitled

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sion can be made. This in families can be done, as it was in my own, as

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co-extensive with the length and breadth of the muscular

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thought, yet to master it as a subject of scientific study Would require

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give to the operation for hernia, without opening the sac — a procedure he

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which the systemic arteries are, as it were, clothed with them.

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Assistant, Children's Hospital, Paddington Green, London, W. London:

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complete preventives against contagion, produce in others only an

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distribute the alternate meetings among the principal towns, and

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Seventh. — Brewer's yeast, much diluted with water, was

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those of collapse, terminating speedily in death. Sometimes,

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Dr. Hoyte, from the Committee of Arrangements, read the names

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I laid the arm freely open, both before and behind, by in-

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in the fresh water mussel, made out and described the different

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1. In what manner can a change of presentation be accom-

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hence it is commonly known as the boat-fly ; the abdominal

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the viscera showed no disease except the meningitis.

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been shown the water possesses a very strong attraction for

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incision along the base of the jaw, extending from opposite the

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in his constitution for his rapid convalescence without positive

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to modern duodecimos ! He could speak with gratitude of his

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hole may be seen, and on passing a probe into this it will be

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notwithstanding the use of fomentations which had formerly reliev-

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seen. 3dly. We have the physical properties of this substance ;

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either met with at the time of operating, or may occur subse-

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advantages to be derived from medical charities, are not yet realized

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function of the descending bowel does away with all the uncertainty

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ples j ; Acidei hydrocyanici diluti, drams j ; Glycerini destillati, ounces

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A slight irritation of the recurrent nerve may show


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