J- H. Aveling, M.D. On the Advantages to be Derived from

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therefore failed to render honour where honour was due. Dr. Fox

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attack, I noted intermittency ; a pause, equal in length to that of one

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the deceased in the workhouse. However, he would lay the evidence

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case which for years exhibits signs of rheumatism may end by contracting

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the subcutaneous tissue and afterwards opening the hernial sac. The

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consisted in passing down the forefinger of the left hand, as a guide, be-

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the necessary steps for the purpose, in conjunction with such of

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The members of this Branch and of the Central Somerset Medical

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and Philosophical Society.— Reception of Reports of Committees.

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so much older and wiser than himself, readily assented,

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others contained pus. All portions of the lung were diseased, the

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which transudes from the Malpighian tufts, .as they are not covered by

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our practice, viz. to avoid breeding from animals with this disease, or

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tionable. The use of such expressions as "tipple", "turning the tap

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attended at Weymouth for two or three days by an unqualified practi-

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cauter}' all the tissues of the penis except the urethra, which, after

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very \ell imagine, and when returned to its box at once began to eat.

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the swellings were punctured, their contents evacuated, and the interior

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extractiom From careful and minute inquiries into the circumstances

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. that I can suffer any fatigue. I consider Dr. R.'s Magnetic Compass and

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move the articular surface of the patella. An excellent recovery took

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struction of blood-corpuscles; every symptom, in fact, speaks of deterioration and


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