practitioner in his prognosis : first, the earlier the age at which the epi-
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Septomber 6 — Pati^t still improving, yet no disposition to a self-
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tuberculosis or villous tumor. The symptoms characteristic of the gen-
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the stomach may be made evident by distention of the colon with air or
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unclean instruments. The liquid exudation at times contains more or
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euthanasia in the later stages of the disease. Sometimes sedative ex-
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may be regarded as an exaggeration of what is more frequently observed,
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probable is the presence of foci of broncho-pneumonia, which may form,
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cised not to carry their administration so far as to interfere with an
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the surface, faintness, and failure of the circulation. A fatal internal
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bowels, attended with mucous discharges, great prostration of strength,
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failure of health, more or less digestive disturbance, and double wrist-
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nervous system, as in the first influence of severe accidents, chloro-
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if there be diarrhoea. The long- continued administration of minute
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&r thttur reprodaction, and when this principle is exhansted, atmos^
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extensive ulceration of the mucous membrane. The submucous tissue
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obstruction. Many writers assign importance to weakness of the abdomi-
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and the adductor of the thumb and one head of the flexor brevis pollicis.
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repeated coitus, or the like, symptoms suggesting congestion of the
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and require special knowledge and skill on the part of the practitioner.
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rarely the stomach does not tolerate them at low temperature.
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the ulcers are limited to the large intestine the condition is regarded
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but the tubercular nature of the alterations in the mesenteric glands is
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PROGNOSIS. The outcome of a suppurative paranephritis is largely
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tory lecture, by stating that I should select only such subjects as those
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will place it beyond the power of the ignorant, the foolish and the reck-
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ETIOLOGY. Local irritation from food or drink is the usual exciting
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be found in the bladder and ureters, although the latter often show evi-
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sions of greater or less density, sometimes obliterating the pleural cavity
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or rapidly, exposing the deeper layers of the mucous membrane, the mus-
in rheumatoid arthritis sulfasalazine reduces the rate of appearance of
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cases coalescing into great blotches over large territories. This erup-
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from the various mucous membranes, even from the gums. Petechise,
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removed. The pains which come to some persons in malarial anaemia
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peritonitis, a complete history of the patient's antecedents and symp-
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mulation of fat does not take place. On the contrary, persistent fatty
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A Treatise on Human Physiology. By Joh5 C. Dalton, Jr., M. B., Professor of Physi-
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therefore, must be restricted to meats, hot bread, cakes, or toast, and such
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tain is the combination of deodorized tincture of opium with potassium


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