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We have shown that the intravenous injections of N/3.7 or N/7

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should be called after reasonable notice to the newly

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,.,.,-rl',ral coi-t.-x, aii.l tl,c iiiiis,-!. - ,1 t ali-..pliy to llir s,-,nir .•xtont.

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the suffering, especially we pray for the doctors here

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furnish daily to the Department employees detailed to the various departments accurate

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hoped that members will gain from the presentations at

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4. All resolutions, amendments or substitute resolu-

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search into serums in the hope of detecting antibodies

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form is of quite modern growth. Until well into the nineteenth cen-

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and in case such agreement can not be made said board, or the member acting In behalf

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XVI. Summary of Cases of Typhoid Fever, 1889-1899. By William Osler, M. D.

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demics of human plague are infected rodents, the flea

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moved. It did not infiltrate the brain and was lifted

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tion of the English name; for example, '* Loin Roll" or " Lachschinken.**

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E. S.; Zarafonetis, C. J. D., and Tierney, N. A.: Further Ob-

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report and suggested budget will be presented here-

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Elliott, B. Landis Kansas City Finley, Freeman L. Overland Gansloser, Wilbert M St. Louis

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better known small granular kidney of chronic diffuse nephritis in man.

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O’Brien, effective October 1. The Committee also ap-

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svn,|.ton,s in tin. ,rm..-ti..n of ni..ntal .Inllm.ss ami l..tliar-y an. also

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,i„.lli.,.| ill .■iiMl.lin- us 1.. lorMlc 111.' .-liiH' n...t.ir iiml sonsm-y amis of

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the proper custodian of such book of record, together with the affidavit of the owner,

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meningitis. Nevertheless, it is well known that they may be found,

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I liiiilnm 's I in till' 111 1. 'I'lir i.'lyi'11'Ji'llii' I'lllii'tiiill i-aii In' I'M-iti'ij tlirnll'ill

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out ulcer in the center of the mass, giving the gastric

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of $500.00 for the remainder of the fiscal year for the

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on September 27 and 28, 1947, with the following pres-

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Case II. — D. C, aged four months. The child was born at full term

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until the advantages of Kentucky are realized. The importance of

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vise the entire preparation, and require all fixtures and appliances,

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and mules, total receipts and shipments in Ignited States, 1904-1906- 319

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The reporting of visual disability was discussed by

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and neck. The edge of the right c^tic nerve is distinct Left optic nerve:

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Wright-Douglas 9 C. F. Callihan Willow Springs A. C. Ames Mountain Grove

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require the most favorable conditions. Health may be regarded as

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the history, physical findings and other laboratory

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Gebhart, Oliver C Oregon Kearney, Elmer F Oregon Tracy, James C Mound City

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gressive process rather than as more or less distinct morphological

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the esophaun.s and intestine. F.n- example, the application of a stimu-

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the dog. However, since this animal was sacrificed in the attempt to

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papilloma, a probable indication of diffuseness or spreading of the

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only one thousandth that of digitalis leaf. Nausea is rare.


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