Various microorganisms have been discovered to be causal irritants.
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tion of the cord, it would seem important that our efforts should
torsemide drug class
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Definition. — An acute, temporary engorgement of the vessels of
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tion of the diverticula, due to the retained faeces."
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converted into a serous cyst. The specific gravity is from 1010 to 1024.
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tion of the dejections in constipation we find " a copious detritus of
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The prognosis depends upon the severity of the symptoms, the
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perienced. The attacks are liable to recur, especially in cold, damp
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lichen, and urticaria, are common concomitants of this disease. By
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of the glands in the posterior mediastinum is potent in exciting parox-
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side of the point of obstruction. The development of aneurysm may
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mon. Doubtless, however, it has declined in importance as a disease
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in vrhich vision is not lost, but the objects seen are not recognized
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skeleton remains unaffected for a long time ; finally, changes may be ob-
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systemic diseases is pretty constant, and, except in their very incipiency,
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growth. Hence, any symptoms referable to the general abdominal cav-
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endured for it but when success is smiling so blandly that the
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Among qualitative tests the following are important :
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tigation into the physical and psychic mysteries of human life,
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pathic drugs which would be used in refuting any other problem
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tion (when necessary) to relieve urgent symptoms. We may also tap
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hygienic measures. In well-marked instances of the kind a complete
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impression is thus transmitted through the central nervous system.
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Most frequently there is a troublesome dragging pain, or a sense of
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endocardial murmur appeared, with attacks of palpitation accom-
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in material doses has helped this case. A full stomach is an excellent
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of more air. Commencing cyanosis may indicate the development of
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able influence. The aim should be to improve the general condition of
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ble for rachitis, proper feeding is an important factor, and if the child
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ference may be necessary. The internal variety either occurs as a sim-
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together with associated symptoms. The temperature and pulse are
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and propionic), is as yet without diagnostic significance.
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those simulating aneurysm are carcinoma, sarcoma, and enlarged lymph-
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well on the capsules before adduced composed of strychnin, spartein,
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Definition. — A primary myopathy, commencing usually in the mus-
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introduced slowly until the fluid begins to flow by its own pressure.


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